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Food For Thought: Gratitude

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Food For Thought: Gratitude

Of all the years to start a gratitude practice, this year was it. As the door closed on 2020 and opened on 2021, I decided to try what I had always thought might feel cheesy, or forced: Daily gratitudes.   

Often, I scribble just a few words in a blue journal I keep next to my bed. Sometimes, I’m grateful for a laundry list of little things: blue skies, birds, good food, a productive meeting, a great interaction with a friend or colleague. Other times (because we all have those times) I’m grateful to have gotten through a tough day and to be starting fresh tomorrow.   

Today, I’m grateful for rain. On my morning commute, I’m surrounded by electric green hills and cows lazily grazing along the highway, and I give thanks for the turn of weather that has given respite to this terrible drought; for lush landscapes and nourishment all around.   

I’m grateful for our farmers, whose care for their land and their animals makes our work possible. 

I’m grateful for the greater cheese community, whose solidarity and warmth makes it the best industry to be a part of.   

I’m grateful for doctors and scientists, whose work has allowed us to feel safer, healthier, and more optimistic towards a COVID-free future.   

I’m grateful for the team here at Cowgirl Creamery and Tomales Bay Foods, whose resilience, perseverance and dedication not only to the mission of our company but to each other and this community has kept us all going through the past couple of years.   

I’m grateful for our customers, retailers , restaurant owners, and winery teams who have weathered many challenges and have supported us and each other since the very beginning; to the visitors and locals who frequent our Pt Reyes shop and café; to every person who shares a story about enjoying our cheese at their wedding or at home with their family or with friends at a picnic.   

This Thanksgiving, we at Cowgirl are grateful for all of you. May we all enjoy time to rest, reflect, and give thanks—with a little cheese to help us celebrate!

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