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Baking (with Cheese) for A Good Cause

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Baking (with Cheese) for A Good Cause

We're calling out to all of our bakers in the Bay Area participating in the next round of Bakers Against Racism fundraisers in April & May of 2021 supporting AAPI organizations. Called "In Adversity We Bloom," it'll be the latest round of fundraising efforts that have thus far raised over $2 million for social justice causes. 

Whether you're a pro pastry chef or an avid home baker, like our very own HR Director, Rachel Cohen (who is offering these mouth watering Fromage Blanc Brownies for her sale - pictured here), we know that like cheese, baking can be a force for good.

Interested? Message us on Instagram or leave a comment below. Our decadent triple cream Mt. Tam and an assortment of fresh cheeses (Cottage Cheese, Creme Fraiche, and Fromage Blanc) will be available on a first come first serve basis. Let us know by April 30, 2021 if we can help you raise some funds!

The rules:

  • All product donated must be used in the Bakers Against Racism Bake Sale; no other re-sell, please. (If you want more for another project, hit us up!)
  • Provide a photo of your creations - tag us on social when you're promoting your bakes for sale
  • Open to home bakers & food service businesses who are participating
  • Must be located within our delivery range (SF City, East Bay, North Bay)

Learn more about Bakers Against Racism here. 

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  • Joanne Roberge on

    Hi there, would you please give me name of open cookbook that has brownie recipe used for pan of cheese brownies pictured. Yum. I want to start practicing so I can help the cause. Thanks.

  • Natalie Wong-Wilson on

    Hi! Would love more info on this!

  • Joanne Bryant on

    Hello. This sounds awesome! I would love to participate. Is there someone I can reach out to to work out the details? Thanks.

  • Karen Renee on

    This is great!!! I totally want to participate! Could totally use creme fraiche and fromage blanc!!! Baking for a cause! Love it!

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