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Meet the Cheesemonger: Jeremy Suizo at Our Ferry Building Cheese Shop

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Meet the Cheesemonger: Jeremy Suizo at Our Ferry Building Cheese Shop

Many of you will recognize Jeremy's beaming smile (beneath a mask as of late) from our San Francisco Ferry Building Cheese Shop & Sidekick Café. After 5 years at Cowgirl Creamery, Jeremy works as the General Manager of our San Francisco location welcoming novices and experts alike into the world of organic and artisan cheese. Our Ferry Building Cheese Shop re-opened for safe in-store shopping this month (with a mask, of course!), so we took sometime to check in with Jeremy...

What do you love about working the Ferry Building?

The Ferry Building means a lot to me. As I finished up culinary school I was dead set on working in the Ferry Building. I love what it stands for – supporting and celebrating local producers and honoring our connection to food and where it comes from. A lot of my love stems from the access and relationship to the weekly farmer’s markets. I do most of my grocery shopping through them – I often find myself with the difficult task of lugging home heavy grocery bags after a busy Saturday shift. The relationship you develop with the vendors and other shops in the marketplace makes the Ferry Building very special to me.


How did you get into cheese? Was there a cheese that gave you that “a-ha” moment?

I actually came onboard with little to no experience with cheese. I worked down the hall from Cowgirl Creamery for several years and would come over to the cheese counter to pick up cheese for my fiancé. She loves blue cheese so the staff offered me samples – but blue cheese was a bit much for my tastes (I’ve grown to love them though). It was Challerhocker that opened my eyes to the wide world of cheese. I affectionately call it my “gateway cheese”. From there I developed a relationship with the mongers behind the counter – exploring my likes and dislikes. And when the opportunity arose to join the team, I was more than thrilled to flip roles and be the one behind the counter – helping folks find their “gateway cheese”. I had a leg up when it came to the interview. One of our founders, Sue, directly interviewed me and we discovered that we graduated from the same culinary program at City College – many years apart, of course.


Outside of cheese, what are you into?

When I am not eating, selling, cooking, or discussing cheese, I revert to my passion for baking. Currently I’ve been taking advantage of apple season to make batches of apple butter that I then slather on slices of ACME Cranberry-Walnut loaf. I am fairly boring – bit of a homebody. A typical day off is spent at home with my cats, reading and baking.


What’s your favorite item on the Sidekick Menu right now?

I eat Sidekick every day of the week. I typically go for the simple, yet delicious yogurt parfait. We feature Straus Greek yogurt, seasonal fruit, and house-made almond streusel. I also add a little bit of finely diced candied ginger to spice it up. But now that it’s a bit cooler out I look forward to the cheesy grits. It’s super comforting on a chilly day, especially with the poached egg on top and European bacon. I think it is a dish that encapsulates the Sidekick experience of a homey meal that highlights each ingredient.


What’s on your Thanksgiving Cheese Plate?

My fiancé are both in the cheese business so when we do a cheese plate we tend to go a little overboard. For starters there is always a Mt.Tam. Gotta have it. The rich buttery texture and flavor adds such a satisfying decadence to the board and I find it to be very versatile with accompaniments. From there we make sure to hit a nice diversity in texture, flavor, and milk type. My favorite – Challerhocker – makes an appearance to add a fudgy, meaty option. As a blue cheese option – the ever-classic Stilton is excellent for its earthy, salty, sautéed mushroom flavor. And a nice goat’s milk cheese to round things out – right now I am enjoying Piper’s Pyramide. It’s such a lovely cheese – bright and lemony with a bit of a savory note from the dusting of paprika that runs through it. To pair with the cheeses, I’m really loving the Loukanika salami from Olympia Provisions – it’s flavored with cumin, garlic, and lemon zest. Candied Walnuts are lovely for crunch and sweetness. And lastly – honey. A simple drizzle of honey is a beautiful thing.


Still need your Thanksgiving cheese board supplies? See our holiday retail hours below:

Ferry Building Cheese Shop & Sidekick Café
Tuesday & Wednesday, 11/24-25:11 am - 4 pm OPEN
Thanksgiving, 11/26: CLOSED
Friday, 11/27: 11 am - 4 pm OPEN
Saturday, 11/28: 8 am - 2 pm OPEN
Wednesday, 12/2: 11 am - 4 pm OPEN (Regular Hours Resume)

Point Reyes Creamery Barn Shop & Cantina
Wednesday, 11/25:11 am - 4 pm OPEN
Thanksgiving, 11/26: CLOSED
Friday - Sunday, 11/27-29: 11 am - 4 pm OPEN
Monday & Tuesday, 11/30-12/1: CLOSED (Per Regular Schedule)
Thursday, 12/3: 11 am - 2 pm OPEN (Regular Hours Resume)


Stop in either location for safe in-store shopping, or click here to pre-order for contactless pickup. We've got all your holiday cheese & charcuterie board needs covered and we would love your support! 



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