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Peg & Sue Announce Retirement

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Peg & Sue Announce Retirement

Our pioneering cofounders announced their official retirement this month, cementing a legacy of organic cheesemaking, environmental stewardship, and sharing extraordinary food with our community. Words cannot express our gratitude to Peg & Sue–they’ve created a strong foundation and we look forward to building on their vision for many years to come: cultivating a sustainable, positive impact on its communities, land, and the environment through organic dairy and cheese.

In their words:

“Creating and building Cowgirl Creamery, has been the greatest adventure in our lives. The development of Cowgirl Creamery built many careers in cheesemaking, mongering, food safety, sales and distribution. We leave a seasoned team of leaders, each with their own team of passionate people working together to strengthen this artisan cheese movement."




Sue and Peggy applied their belief that organic practices were a key to proper stewardship of the land, championing from the beginning that good cheese starts with good milk, which in turn, can only come from rich, healthy soils and animals.  Over the last two decades, under their guidance, the company has become a pioneer in the American artisan cheese movement, creating award-winning cheeses reflective of the Northern California terroir and ethos; becoming stewards of the land, evident in their organic creameries and work with the Marin Agricultural Land Trust (MALT); and advocating for a vibrant community of dairy farmers, cheese producers, and chefs, all of whom comprise “the Northern California milkshed.”

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  • Cindy on

    Congratulations to you both! Cheers to a job well done!!

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