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Cowgirl Creamery Cooks

Cowgirl Creamery Cooks


Grilled Cheese? Mac & Cheese? Savory Bread Pudding? Our favorite organic cheeses for cooking: our versatile, meltable Wagon Wheel, rich spoonable Crème Fraîche, our legendary Cottage Cheese, and spreadable Fromage Blanc. A gift for the cook in your life.

Weights may vary. Substitutions will be made as needed with a like product of equal or greater value.

Cheeses Included

Wagon Wheel | Cowgirl Creamery | Petaluma, CA
Browned Butter • Roasted Nuts • Sauteed Leeks 
Born from the sunshine of California’s rolling golden hills, Wagon Wheel is our most versatile and snackable cheese. At room temperature, it’s approachable and delicious. When melted, we call it “liquid gold.” Wagon Wheel is forged from organic cow’s milk supplied by Tresch Family Farm (part of the Straus Family Creamery) and aged for a minimum of 3 months as 15-pound wheels. (10 oz)

Fromage Blanc | Cowgirl Creamery | Petaluma, CA
Meyer Lemon  Cheesecake  Fresh Milk
This spreadable whole milk cheese is the freshest expression of organic, pasture-based milk from coastal West Marin. Bright and bountiful, Fromage Blanc includes a dollop of our creme fraiche to create a luxuriously rich texture with a delightful tang. Try it spread onto a bagel with lox and capers. Versatile in the kitchen, try it in sweet and savory recipes: Blend with your favorite seasonings for spread, use as the foundation for the ultimate cheesecake.. (5.3 oz) 

Cottage Cheese | Cowgirl Creamery | Petaluma, CA
Fresh Curds  Ocean Brine  Sour Cream 
Pillowy curds cut by hand and dressed in cultured cream and organic milk. Flavors of lemon and sweet cream develop during its slow, overnight set. High in protein (16 g per serving) and full of flavor. Incredibly versatile and delicious, the perfect foundation for protein packed breakfast bowls or as an option for your favorite stuffed pasta and baking recipes. (5.3 oz)

Crème Fraîche | Cowgirl Creamery | Petaluma, CA
Tangy Citrus  Fresh Pasture  Buttermilk
Ultra rich organic cream is cultured slowly for hours, developing a tangy, complex flavor and luscious texture. This spoonable delight is a Cowgirl secret for baking and finishing everything from soups to desserts. It takes just two ingredients, organic cream and cultures, to add a dollop of luxury to any dish. (5.3 oz)

Suggested Recipes

Pancakes: Cottage Cheese + Crème Fraîche

Grilled Cheese: Wagon Wheel + Fromage Blanc

Savory Bread Pudding: Wagon Wheel + Crème Fraîche



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    Due to the perishable nature of cheese and our standards for the quality of our cheese, we ship via FedEx Overnight Monday - Thursday. Please note the selected ship date is an estimated ship date. All orders will arrive within the selected week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. We cannot guarantee an exact delivery date, so please order in advance for holidays and special occasions. 

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  • Can I order individual cheeses?

    From our Cheese Shops in the Ferry Building & Point Reyes Station, yes you can.  

    From our Online Cheese Catalog, we aren’t able to offer individual cheeses. We do feature specific cheeses like our We Love Red Hawk or Welcome Wagon.  Also, from time to time, we have online specials with several pieces of the same cheese like our popular Tam Trio.  Sign up for our emails in the footer to be the first to know!

  • How should I store my cheeses?

    As soon as you get it home, store the unopened cheese in the refrigerator for best quality. Any opened pieces can be re-wrapped in the cheese paper and sealed in the paper it comes in. You can also re-wrap the cheese in cheese paper that helps to preserve the cheese as much as possible. 

    If you don’t have cheese paper, use something that will keep the cheese covered so that it doesn’t dry out in the fridge. Other customers have used reusable beeswax food cloths and parchment paper. Plastic wrap can be used, but it’s better for harder cheeses than delicate soft cheese. 

  • Can I create a custom assortment or make substitutions?

    For our local fans shopping in San Francisco or visiting us in Point Reyes Station, we offer gift baskets and catering trays.

    For our Online Cheese Catalog, unfortunately, we don’t have that option. But check out all of our current catalog - we’ve curated popular combinations that feature the best of Cowgirl for all kinds of cheese lovers.