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Why do we do what we do?
For the love of our community: The farmers, mongers, retailers, and other passionate food lovers who inspire us daily to create our delicious and meaningful work.

Without our partners, there is no amazing organic, pasture-based milk as our canvas or an amazing network of passionate trades people to preach the goodness of specialty cheese.



Our community partners working in sustainability and organics ensure our dairy community has the land to protect and steward.

Marin Agricultural Land Trust

This local institution was founded in 1980 by Ellen Straus, the matriarch of the Straus Family Creamery and honorary Cowgirl. When she saw that rapid development threatening farm and open lands in Marin County, she and other local farmers, ranchers, and environmentalists came together to permanently protect this precious resource. Since then, MALT has permanently preserved over 44,100 acres of farmland, particularly through its conservation easement program that empowers farming families to meet financial challenges of their work without having to sell, divide, or develop their open lands. To support their efforts or learn more, visit



Our farmer partners don’t just provide organic milk - they are stewards of the lands and open spaces in our community.



Any cheesemaker, chef, and food lover knows: The cheese never stands alone. Cowgirl is part of a passionate community dedicated to supporting each other and the craftsmanship of artisan cheese.

American Cheese Society

Founded in 1983 as a national grassroots group to help American cheese makers make better cheese, the ACS has grown a thriving community of makers, mongers, retailers, educators, wholesalers, and enthusiasts. The group provides education, networking, and an annual conference to strengthen the bonds within the artisan community.

Our founders, Sue Conley and Peggy Smith, along with many of our Cowgirl team have served on ACS’s committees and board.

Now, more than ever, the artisan cheese community needs the support of cheese lovers everywhere. Visit or search #supportourcheesemakers on social media to learn more.

California Artisan Cheese Guild

California has always attracted the dreamers, the romantics, and the trail blazers in all industries, no more so than food. There’s a reason why America’s food revolution started in Cowgirls’ home state.

The Golden State is the country’s largest source of dairy and home to a thriving and growing community of artisan makers. The Guild empowers those within this passionate community with continuing education, professional networking, and opportunities to showcase all the amazing cheese through popular events such as the California Artisan Cheese Festival (March) and the San Francisco Cheese Festival (September).

Now, more than ever, the artisan cheese community needs the support of cheese lovers everywhere. Visit or search #BuyCACheese on social media to learn more.