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Why the North Bay?

Situated between the mountains and valleys of California’s wine country and the Pacific Ocean, Cowgirl Creamery is based in Sonoma County, just north of San Francisco.

Amid the area’s natural beauty is an incredible community of food lovers, chefs, farmers, ranchers, cheesemakers, and trail blazers who have helped to define our region as a culinary powerhouse. Together, they’ve been creating world class ingredients, including dairy.

Since the 1800s, when the Gold Rush first brought the world to California, the area has been known as a traditional “milk shed” - a region known for and renowned for its milk production to a local area.

Through our cheesemaking, we can share the terroir of the organic and pasture-based milk from our local farm partners. Each piece of Mt. Tam, Red Hawk, Wagon Wheel, Hop Along, etc. is an imprint of the breathtaking landscape around us:


      • The soft, briny air of the mighty Pacific and Tomales Bay

      • The rocky peaks of Mount Tampalpais (“Mt. Tam”)

      • The rolling hills (tender green during winter rains and luminous gold in the summer dry season) of natural grassland preserved by regenerative farm practices

      • The towering dramatic Cypress and ancient Redwood trees