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We’ve been selling artisan cheese even longer than we’ve been making it. Our first venture after leaving the Bay Area restaurant business was Tomales Bay Foods, a marketing operation dedicated to delivering the amazing artisan cheeses of West Marin into the hands of the chefs who hanker for them. Now international in scope, this thriving community of cheesemakers, mongers, chefs and eaters remains at the heart of our company.

Chefs and Retailers
We have a unique understanding of what chefs and retailers need in a cheese partner. Working directly with the producers, we’re able to deliver the most unbelievably fresh, delicious cheeses of the season. And we do so at low minimums, to your exact specifications. Whether that means informing you about special cheeses coming in on the next shipment or selecting the best wheels to deliver for your weekly specials menu, we have the expert eyes, operations and relationships to America's best cheesemakers to make it happen. Meet a few of our experts.

We deliver locally and ship nationally. For details on our ordering, minimums and delivery areas please give us a call or shoot us an email.

Being cheesemakers ourselves, we know what it takes to craft a beautiful product. Our partnership extends beyond distribution, providing a full feedback loop to help you maintain the quality and consistency you’re known for, season after season. As your neighbors and fellow artisans, we’re committed to your success every step of the way, from farm to table and back again.

Interested in selling your products through us? Give us a holler!