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Mt Tam Caprese Sandwich

Posted by Lucy O'Dea on
Mt Tam Caprese Sandwich

Mt Tam Caprese Sandwich

With Summer in full swing, you can make this delicious sandwich in your own kitchen featuring seasonal ingredients and our triple cream Mt Tam.

Makes about 4 sandwiches*

1 large loaf Ciabatta or Focaccia
2 wheels Mt Tam, sliced
2 large beefsteak tomatoes, sliced in rounds
2 bunch basil, picked from stem, whole leaves
1/2 cup Pepper Jelly (We love Clif Family Farm and McEvoy Ranch Pepper Jellies)


Slice loaf of bread in half lengthwise, spread Pepper Jelly on both inner sides of the bread, arrange slices of Mt Tam, followed by tomatoes and basil. Enjoy!


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