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Crookneck Squash & Corn Soup

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Crookneck squash and corn give this velvety soup its sunshine glow. Rather than grating cheese atop, we like to place a single slice of Humboldt Fog from our sister creamery Cypress Grove on top. With its ash-ripened exterior and cakey center, it's bold, bright, and brilliant for summer. If you can't find the classic goat cheese, a slab of our organic Mt Tam or Fromage Blanc makes a decadent topper. 

Tomato-Watermelon Panzanella with Fromage Blanc

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
It's "officially" panzanella season and we're adding our organic Fromage Blanc to Peg & Sue's favorite Tomato-Watermelon Panzanella Salad. Ripe summer tomatoes combine with juicy watermelon, fresh basil, shallot vinaigrette, and tart and creamy Fromage Blanc for this summer refresher. Best served poolside with an ice-cold glass of crisp rosé.

Three-Cheese Lasagna with Mushrooms and Spinach

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Our three-cheese lasagna layered with mushrooms and spinach feels like an edible squeeze. Our rule: assemble a lasagna like you would a pizza—with a light hand. Forget about over-stuffed layers and an overflowing casserole dish. You want to scatter just enough cheese and vegetables to flavor, but not overwhelm.