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Cheese Fricos with Wagon Wheel or Hop Along

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Looking for a keto-friendly snack or the perfect wine pairing? All you need is grated cheese! We love making these Cheese Fricos with our aged Wagon Wheel or cider-washed Hop Along cheeses. Simply mound grated cheese onto a lined baking sheet and bake until crisp, about 2 to 4 minutes at 375F. Let cool flat on the baking sheet, or shape into a curved tuile or edible cup while warm. 

Three-Cheese Lasagna with Mushrooms and Spinach

Posted by Cowgirl Creamery on
Our three-cheese lasagna layered with mushrooms and spinach feels like an edible squeeze. Our rule: assemble a lasagna like you would a pizza—with a light hand. Forget about over-stuffed layers and an overflowing casserole dish. You want to scatter just enough cheese and vegetables to flavor, but not overwhelm.